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Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers

The Multi Radiance Cascade Energy Effect™ uses a sophisticated software algorithm to synergize multiple wavelengths that allows for tissue penetration at different levels. LaserSweep™ changes the number of pulses emitted per second to scan target tissue from superficial to deep, preventing bodily adaptation and resilience to its treatment effects. This, combined with the global experience and outstanding educational capabilities of Multi Radiance Medical, makes the decision of buying a therapeutic modality easy. We have the “know-how” and even more importantly, the “how-to”. We are recognized as the best in converting that knowledge into clinical skill sets for you.

Multi Radiance Technology Explained:

Since its beginnings as a Space Age invention our technology was designed and refined specifically for non-invasive application. It synergistically matches a unique and proprietary combination of radiances each designed for a particular pathway in the blue-red-near infrared light window.

What is true super pulsing?

Do not confuse the “pulsing” of continuous wave lasers with the super pulsed technology of Multi Radiance lasers. Continuous wave “pulsing” is accomplished literally by “chopping the beam”, i.e., mechanically turning the laser on and off. This not only limits the power and depth of penetration offered by continuous wave lasers, it also encourages the body to adapt to its effects, limiting its treatment ability.

With Multi Radiance technology, you can super pulse up to 50,000mW of power which is more than most Class IV lasers, yet with a higher degree of safety. The laser and electronic technologies required to use super pulsed diodes are more advanced and the diodes themselves are more expensive than the continuous wave diodes. This is probably why most lasers in the North American market are low powered Gallium Aluminum Arsenide continuous wave lasers.

Proven, Powerful, Safe and Effective!

Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers use innovative technology to deliver light energy to tissue, which reduces pain and increases circulation. Cascading Energy Effect™ Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers combine three clinically proven wavelengths to create the Cascading Energy Effect™, allowing for deeper penetration and enhanced absorption of light.

Super Pulsed Laser

The super pulsed laser (905nm) produces high powered light in billionth-of-a-second pulses. The power of each pulse drives the photons deep into the target tissue. Multi Radiance Medical’s technology’s power of up to 50,000mW creates a high photon density, strongly reducing pain and improving micro-circulation.

Pulsed Blue LEDs

Pulsed Blue Light (465nm) superficial penetration.

Super Pulsing is key to Multi Radiance technology


The next generation in cordless laser therapy, and successor to the ACTIV features a 50 W of peak power and expanded options. The increased power shortens treatment times, provides powerful pain relief, and makes it the safest high-powered therapeutic laser on the market. The system of choice for busy clinics and for professional sports teams.
MR 5 ACTIV PROLaserShower
The MR 5 ACTIV PRO LaserShower is a cordless, portable laser therapy system offering surface area coverage greater than 7 x that of standard emitters. With 200 W of peak Super Pulsed Laser power, it provides faster treatment times for large muscle groups with its expanded aperture coverage. With over 500 mW of average power our technology safely delivers the most light to tissue and facilitates absorption.
The cordless, portable PainAway laser provides temporary pain relief and enhanced post-operative care for your patients in the comfort of their own homes. Through rental and partnership programs, the PainAway gives patients a convenient treatment option while generating passive income for your practice.

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